: H.C. Grading 3C


  • Automatic Calibration with integrated Color Sensor
  • Rec.709 & DCI Gamut change-on-the-fly
  • Motorized sled carrying 2 Filters
  • New 350W lamp (Dimmable)
  • DLP 3Chip DC4 0,95”
  • Contrast ratio (Full ON/Full OFF): >16,000:1
  • 3 Lenses available
  • P7 Color Management
  • Color Management Memory Banks
  • Parametric/Custom Contrast Curve
  • Dual Color Memory Banks, for Rec.709 and DCI
  • +50% of Image Vertical Shift, Optical

Product Detail:

Color accuracy

Based on 3-chip DLP technology, the H.C. Grading 3C projector features FullDCI Gamut, new Optical Path, Notch Filters, Calibration Software solutions, and improved performances, making it a true REFERENCE DISPLAY. This is what every Colorist needs to do a perfect job and be sure of the final result at the Theatre. The Cinema Industry has definitively switched into Digital, so an instrument you can always trust makes activities easier, faster and more accurate. We can see a lot of efforts and improvements in Color Retouching Software solutions: such a high level of accuracy requires Displays of the same level, and when the size moves from a small flat Monitor to a big screen, the search for a videoprojector with suitable performances can result in a big headache

SIM2 Color Management

The presence of SIM2 Color Management, a unique Color Calibration Algorithm of P7 type, allows the user to move the coordinates (x, y) of all the Main Colors in the Gamut Triangle with high precision, taking them exactly where it is needed. All the Main Colors means each of them, even the Secondaries (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow): DCI Gamut specifications must be met with a tolerance close to zero, and Color Reference projector series was designed and optimized to fully respect these specifications. White has several internal presets, factory set, but can be moved virtually anywhere, even with the simple IR remote control.