Cubes: 70 Inches

70 Inches
  • 1-chip DLP® technology rear-projector
  • Native resolution XGA to SXGA
  • Excellent contrast ratio
  • 70" diagonal size of the screen
  • Aspect Ratio 4:3
  • Analog graphic and video inputs
  • DVI Input
  • New CCTRL32
  • Slim Light Aluminum stackable cabinet
  • "SEAMLESS" screen

The rear-projection modules 70”- for tiled datawall application, are suitable for control rooms, briefing rooms, surveillance and visual messaging information points, delivering unsurpassed image quality for a crystal clarity display.

Image Quality
Based on Digital Light Processing® technology from Texas Instruments and state-of-the-art proprietary optical engine, the 70” rear-projection modules have been designed to yield bright and high contrast image display, featuring high resolution, good brightness uniformity, excellent colorimetry and grey level rendering on large screens. Special design effort has resulted in noise and flicker free projection. The variety of different available analog and digital inputs allows the 70” cube to be effectively used both for graphic data and video pictures display. These modules incorporate “Zero Mullion” screen and sophisticated mechanical alignment to produce a near seamless image across even the largest digital wall.

Versatile Image Control
For display operations, these modules can easily be connected to an external image controller for multiple input window managing. Moreover, the internal image processing and resizing capabilities of the SDV series can be effectively exploited in smaller applications, thanks to the number of different analog and digital input connections. Continuous monitoring and control of the videowall operating parameters during operations is achieved through a serial protocol based control software, via RS485/232 connection or, optionally, via USB port or even via LAN.

The SDV 70” modules have been designed with particular attention in minimizing maintenance operations. From the rear service panel, service engineers and installation technicians can easily access the rear-projection engine, lamp, electronics optics and first surface glass mirror in a few minutes, hence keeping the maintenance downtime at minimum. Lamp replacement and dust deposit removal are the only routine operations to be easily done from time to time.


• 70” Digital Display based on 1-chip DLP® technology
• Native resolution XGA (1024x768)
• Designed for 24/7/365 operation
• New DDR-DarkChip2™-12° for an excellent contrast ratio (>1600:1)
• Aspect Ratio 4:3
• “SEAMLESS” screen
• Long life lamp (10.000 hrs @132W)*
• Analog graphic and video inputs
• DVI Input
• 6 mechanical adjustments for optimal picture alignment
• Slim Light Aluminium stackable cabinet
• New CCTRL32

Designed for continuous operation 24h/7/365 with a minimum of maintenance, the SDV70C U270 HBD integrates cutting edge DLP® technology into 70" class Display Wall systems. The long average life of a 10.000-hours rated 132-150W dimmable lamp ensures low power dissipation, long lasting operations and “burn-in” effect free display at any time. The SDV70C U270 HBD is specifically designed to enhance the digital benefits offered by DLP® technology.

SDV70 C U370 HBD

• 70” Digital Display based on 1-chip DLP® technology, new LVDS Chip -12
• Native resolution XGA (1024x768)
• Designed for 24/7/365 operation
• Contrast ratio (1600:1)
• Aspect Ratio 4:3
• “Zero Mullion” screen
• Exclusive lamp changer (dual lamp) function for 24/7 monitoring 10.000 hrs @132W)*
• Analog graphic and video inputs
• DVI Input
• 6 mechanical adjustments
• New CCTRL32

The SDV70C U370 HBD incorporates innovative, DLP® single chip technology for a superb image quality. The SDV70C U370 HBD is equipped with an exclusive lamp changer device, which automatically switches from one lamp to the other once sensed the failure. With this innovative dual lamp solution SIM2 provides constant perfect display quality even when switching from one lamp to the other.

Projection System

Technology DLP® - 1 chip DMD DDR DarkChip® - 12° LVDS
DMD Panel Resolution SDV70C U270 HBD: 1024x768 (XGA); SDV70C U370 HBD: 1400x1050 (SXGA+)
Aspect Ratio (W:H) 4:3
Brightness SDV70C U270 HBD: >875 ANSI lm (100% white field); SDV70C U370 HBD: >900 ANSI lm (100% white field)
Uniformity >95% ANSI measurement
Contrast Ratio SDV70C U270 HBD: >1600:1 "full on/full off"; SDV70C U370 HBD: >1600:1 "full on/full off"
Number of colors 16,777,216 colors
Color Temperature SDV70C U270 HBD: 6000°K - 9000°K adjustable; SDV70C U370 HBD: 6000°K - 9000°K adjustable
Lamp Type 150 W (dimmable to 132W)
Average lamp Life SDV70C U270 HBD: 6.000; 10.000 hrs* @132W configuration; SDV70C U370 HBD: 6.000; 2x 10.000 hrs* @132W configuration
Screen Assembly Diagonal size: 70" (approx. 1778 mm)
Screen Type 2-element refractive screen, Fresnel lens + lenticular
Mirror front surface, reflectivity >94%


Horizontal Frequency 15 KHz - 110 KHz
Vertical Frequency 48 Hz - 120 Hz (55 Hz - 65 Hz frame lock mode)
Analog Bandwidth 170 MHz @-3dB for graphic signals; 8 MHz @-2dB for Video signals
Graphic Standards from VGA (640x480) to UXGA (1600x1200) with internal scaling
Video Standard automatic recognition and decoding: PAL, NTSC, SECAM internal motion-adaptive deinterlacing

Input signals

Graphic Inputs 1 x RGB+HV (or YPrPb) on 75 ohm BNC connectors
1 x RGB+HV on HD15 connector
Video Inputs 1 x CVBS + S (in/out) on 75 ohm BNC connectors
1 x S-VIDEO (in/out) on miniDIN4 connectors
ATSC HDTV is also supported on BNC or HD15 or DVI connectors
DVI Input / Output Analog RGBHV (or YPrPb) + Digital RGB
Control Interface Serial Interface RS232C or RS485 on DB9 in/out connectors or USB (on request) for control from a remote PC; IR remote control handset (on request)

Electrical Data

Main Power Supply 100 Vac - 240 Vac +/- 10%; Line Frequency 48 - 62 Hz
Power Consumption Max 200 W
Max Current Absorption @120V:1,5 Arms @240V:0,85 Arms,
Max Inrush Current 30A
Fuse T 3.15A H 5x20 mm located on the rear-projector

Mechanical Data

Cabinet dimensions 1420x1070x900 mm (WxHxD)
Net Weight 98 Kg. (cube complete)
Exhaust Air 48°C (@ 35°C environment)

Environmental Data

Exhaust air 48° C (@ 35° C environment)Ambient Temperature
Operating from 0 ° C to +35 ° C;
Storage and transportation from –10 ° C to +55 °C;
Humidity from 10% HR to 90% (without condensation)
Max Altitude
Operating 4.000m
Transport 11.000m

Safety and Regulatory Data

Drop test in compliance with UNI EN 22247 and 22248
Safety in compliance with EN 60950
EMC - Immunity in compliance with EN 55022
EMC - Emission in compliance with EN 55024


ACCBASE70 Base support
Easywall PC based control software suite, CCTRL32
RC 2000 Remote Control Handset p/n 790010000
(*) Lamp life: the hours have been calculated under strict test conditions. Misuse or improper operating conditions may alter it.
Digital Light Processing® and DLP® are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments.
Due to constant product development, specifications and design might be subject to change without notice.
in cm 16:9