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This is a system or scale used for measuring temperature. Absolute zero is 0° Kelvin or -273° C. The "color" of white light is expressed in terms of degrees Kelvin, the color of light emitted when an ideal object is heated to a particular temperature.

Keystone search for term

A form of video image distortion in which the top of the picture is wider than the bottom, or the left is taller than the right, or vice versa. The image is shaped like a trapezoid rather than a rectangle.

Keystone Correction search for term

Keystone correction makes a projected image rectangular. This can be accomplished by positioning the projector to be perpendicular to the screen. Since this is not always possible, most projectors are equipped with keystone correction that allows the image to be keystone corrected (made rectangular) by adjusting optics, making mechanical adjustments, or applying digital correction to the image. Keystone correction can be one or two dimensional and manual or automatic depending on the projector and the manufacturer.